perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012

Hellöy Again. Long time no see.

Life have done funny things and this blog was the first thing I had to give a break. Sorry for everyone. Now life doesn't give lemons so I have some time and interest to write here.

Lovely. Blogger has changed again. More learning. More somesome.. More lost! *sob sob*
I deal with it later. I have done so much things it will take ages to put everything here. I try my best to do it quickly. And trying not to make it in to a one big fuzz. I start with pics and put patterns later. It's gonna be awfully big job to translate from "how many sc and stuff per layer" to "how you really do it". Maybe I put the hard ones first and translate them later... Let's see ;D I sart with taking pics with my phone's camera. I know, poor quality but I can't afford buying a better cam'ra.

But now I go to make some gingerbread dough!

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