perjantai 23. marraskuuta 2012

Yarn yarn yarn...

Got new yarn ^^

 100% finnish wool. So warm and soft. Colours should be a little brighter and the "green" should be neon green. My "lighting" doesn't give any justice :/ I'm thinking of making legwarmers from these yarns. Or maybe mittens... And now for something completely different:

My Totoro Brothers. Very, very old pic from my previous apartment. I still haven't found right yarn for the medium sized Totoro. Maybe someday... I used Heavens_hellcat's patterns; Grey Totoro and White Totoro. Grey's pattern was for Blue Totoro, but I used grey and made the ears longer.

Baby Vulpix. She was so cute I had to make her! Pattern is from Adorably Kawaii's blog when the pattern was available. Because of pattern stealing, she took the pattern down. I was lucky I managed to finish it before that. And now I don't have the pattern *sob* Someday I count the pattern from the amigurumi so I can make another one. Mine is little different from the original one. I made the tail and hair curly because I didn't like the "tubes". Nicer this way ^^

Big brother Cthulhu. He is my very first amigurumi. It was hard to make this because I had to translate the pattern into finnish.And before this I had only made granny squares. Added more tentacles to puff him.

And here is he's little brother. Made the pattern in my head. I wrote the pattern to a piece of paper but I can't find it anywhere. I know I still have it somewhere safe. Safe = lost in a paper pile. He has tiny feet and arms. And a belly button. Wings were hell to make. Had to make it over and over again before getting the right shape.


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